The name “muffin” either comes from the German word “muffe” or from the French word “moufflet”, meaning soft bread. Muffins are called quick breads because they contain no yeast, and therefore, they don’t require all of the time spent on kneading, rising and resting.

Muffins may be varied by adding fruits, nuts, herbs, cheese, chopped meats or spices to the batter.

The Official State Muffin of Minnesota is the Blueberry Muffin.

A muffin’s shape should have a uniform, wellrounded top, free from peaks, with no cracks and be large in proportion to weight. The outside color should be an even golden brown, and be tender, with a pebbly or slightly rough and shiny surface. The inside texture should be moist, tender and light with an even, round-holed grain. The inside color will be creamy white or slightly yellow and free from streaks.